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welcome to nsyncable.com >> the *NSYNC Fixation
domain online since: September 11, 2001
converted to a Fixation: May 18, 2005

(layout photos from Kirkpatrick.nu)

Saturday, June 20, 2009
I've been so consumed with trying to get the layout for the Press Archive just right, that I haven't been working very much on content.

Now, I'm going to do the opposite for a while. I want to get this site going, even if it has to be with a temporary layout.

>> posted by Patricia at 11:29 PM

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
If there is anything on this site that you wish to download and keep (photos, screen caps, etc), you may want to grab it soon, before this site switches over to The *NSYNC Press Archive.

>> posted by Patricia at 2:33 AM

Thursday, February 12, 2009
I'm at work "behind-the-scenes," gathering content for the new version of this site. The new layout is complete (unless I decide to tweak the graphic, which I usually do at least a few times... ha ha).

It'll be nice to have a new focus for this place; something I'll actually want to keep updated. ;)

>> posted by Patricia at 9:06 PM

Sunday, April 06, 2008
My lovely daughter was born on February 13th (2 weeks ahead of time), and she's a joy.


Have you ever gotten up one day, and you feel so bad, that you know you can't go to work? You may call your job, and after you tell them that you're too sick to come into work, they threaten you with being fired, unless you come up with a template of a doctors slip. This scenario is something that plays out all over America, and unfortunately, not everyone can get a note when they need it. Even if you have a regular doctor, doctors cost money, and they are not free of charge. Even those with health insurance have to pay something to see their doctors form template.
It's unfortunate that jobs are not more sympathetic to those who need to miss a day of work, because they are feeling sick. It's not reasonable to think that every person needs to come up with a note, in order to miss work. Sometimes your sick, but you don't feel it's necessary to go and see a doctor. If you're forced to go see document template from a doctor, you may have to pay a co-pay out-of-pocket, just so you can get the note that you need, in order to miss work. Most people may be written up, or they may lose their job, if they go back to work without a note template from their doctor.

Don't be one of those persons who are subject to being fired, or getting written up, just because you don't have a doctors note template to miss work. Many people can get away with excuses when it comes to missing work, and a note may not be necessary. If your job requires that you have a note, in order to miss work, then here is an example of what you can do. You can go online to look up templates for a doctors slip.
A template of a form from a doctor, is something you can find online, and there should be an sample of how the note should look. If you find a sample of a note that is usable for your job, then you can print it out, and turn it in. Yes, this may seem dishonest to some people, but if you cannot see your doctor, but you need to miss work, the only alternative is to lose your job. It's not fair to be faced with being fired, just because you cannot afford to see the doctor.
Take the time to print out a template of doctors note online, so that you can turn the forms in when you go back to work. The notes are very legitimate looking, and it will look just like a note you'd get from any doctor that you go to. Get your fake doctors note online today.

You might want to check out on these doctor's note template to see an authentic sample that will win your boss' favor, and give you the time you had wished for your family!





>> posted by Patricia at 1:52 AM

Saturday, August 25, 2007
Let's see if this works this time. I've been trying to update this blog since May, but it's not working right. I think I located the problem, and have (hopefully) fixed it.

>> posted by Patricia at 11:39 AM

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