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The concept of "Fixations" was thought up by Kath from The Fixations Network. They are, to put it simply, a combination of a clique (where fans declare they are, you've got it, 'fixated' on whatever subject -- in this case, *NSYNC), and an archive filled with icons, wallpaper, drawings, writings, etc. that fans send in.

Not every fan wants to run a fansite, but they'd still like a place to show off icons or wallpaper they've made, publish poems they've written about someone/something they admire, etc.

A "Fansite" is more in honor of a subject, and people just kind of sit back and browse it to get news, photos, etc. A "Fixation" is much more interactive, and is really made FOR the fans of that subject. It's in honor of fans' artistic and writing talents, their dedication to the subject... their, for lack of a better term, "fan-ness."

I'm new to this Fixations world myself, so if you'd like a MUCH better explaination than I just gave, head on over to the Fixations Network site. You can find others to visit there, too, to get a better idea of how they work.

Now, about the actual clique...
The clique is the core of a Fixation. It's basically a list of people who consider themselves "fixated" on *NSYNC (or whatever/whomever the Fixation they're visiting is about, of course). You've probably seen (and maybe even joined) cliques over the years, and there is always something you're kind of stating by joining.

For example, WE get it, the clique I run for Chris Kirkpatrick's sense of humor - the members listed there are essentially stating "I understand and appreciate his brand of humor" when they join. Well, when you join the *NSYNC Fixation clique, you're saying "I'm a loyal *NSYNC fan. I find them interesting. They mean a lot to me."
I hope that was clear -- I tend to babble. ;)