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>> Chip Skylark caps - "Boys in the Band" <<

>> the captures:

episode title Chris' name in the credits Timmy's fairies rock out to Chip Cosmo with Chip's poster Timmy ain't happy
Timmy's parents
Chip marquee
Vicky, surrounded by Chip gear Chip's at the door nice aura there, Chip ;-)
Breathe, Vicky!his dancin' machine shake it! :-)
Chip looking at his wrecked car he's too cute he seems to like pointing.. ha ha
happy, happy! FKA in cartoon form, ladies! ;-) spinny dizzy yet? dancing to the phone
smiley, smiley nooo, it's a trap, Chip!! see? told ya!
this can't be good going.. going... gone! in chains be afraid...
be very afraid grab him, Vicky! ;-) what a wackadoo! scary chick Chip's lament

more captures >>

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