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exclusive *N.com remixes
*NSYNC songs, remixed/remastered by Patricia

track-by-track album reviews
each song rated and reviewed individually, on its own merits

our favorite *NSYNC songs
a list for each of us

least favorites
songs we'd rather pretend don't exist

favorite solos
a list of the best *NSYNC member solos (in Patricia's opinion)

Dwee-Dop, Dwee-Doo
rather than do a lyrics section here, I thought I'd direct you to Robin's site completely dedicated to complete and accurate *NSYNC lyrics (including solo projects, collaborations, etc). It's fantastic, so check it out (it will open in a new window, by the way).

song survey
just something to fill out for fun.. basically choosing which *NSYNC song you prefer, out of a given two (yes, this is also listed in the "you" section, and the one I filled out is under "us")

more pages will be added to this section soon